Laguna Beach

(Photo by Matt Cardy//Getty Images)

Southern California Getaways on a Budget

By Vanessa Payes Just about everyone is Los Angeles needs the occasional break from the hustle and grind of city life. Last week, we tipped you off on where to go for the sexiest Southern […]


Jewel Samad/AFP

Meanwhile In Southern California: Bank Robber Caught Waiting For Bus

When they say the youth of this world has serious problems, 24-year-olds like Kyle Alan Veach are prime examples of that. What kid hasn’t watched tons of violent criminal television shows? Don’t they know when […]



Meanwhile In Southern California: Laguna Beach Ruins The Fun For Skateboarders

Well look what we have here. First Cindy Whitehead skating through the closed-off 405 freeway gets buzzworthy attention. Then the Bake and Destroy skateboarding riot of 2012, and finally someone felt the need to bust […]