Trends Trends: No Doubt Sure Of A 2011 Comeback

Gwen Stefani has spent most of the last decade away from her band, sculpting a career worthy of a pop princess; but both British music paper NME and L.A. radio station KROQ report that 2011 […]

01/05/2011 Reveals The Most Popular Artists Of 2010 reveal the Best of 2010 today, a chart of the most scrobbled new releases of the past twelve months, and one question hangs on listeners’ lips: who beat Lady Gaga? You can find out […]

12/15/2010 Trends: The Price Of Bob Dylan

The original manuscript for Bob Dylan‘s “The Times They Are A-Changin’” has sold for $422,500 at a New York auction, reports BBC News. A political snapshot of the 1960s, the price suggests today’s fans still […]

12/13/2010 Best Of 2010

This week, revealed the first part of its annual Best of 2010 feature, a countdown of the year’s most-played music that’s entirely based on tracks scrobbled by users. Over the next three weeks expect to […]

12/03/2010 Trends: Goodbye Elton John?

Elton John has announced that he’s not going to be releasing any more pop songs of his own, emphasizing the difference between his classic hits, and modern chart-toppers such as Lady Gaga. Elton’s cited a […]

11/01/2010 Trends: The Smiths Turn 28

Twenty eight years ago today, in a little club in Manchester, a band that would change the face of pop music took to the stage for the first ever time. To celebrate the birth of […]

10/04/2010 Trends: NASA Space Rock’s Greatest Hits

NASA‘s final shuttle flights are just months away, but they’ve launched a very special competition to see the crews off. Space Rock is NASA’s search for a few wake-up anthems for the astronauts during their […]

08/24/2010 Trends: Judging Steven Tyler

It’s the story that’s been playing out across the media all weekend; who’s going to be sat on the judging panel for this year’s American Idol? Plenty of names have been banded about in the […]


Infamous Sex Pistols gig 34 years on

Thirty-four years ago today rock music changed forever. In a tiny hall in Manchester, England’s former industrial powerhouse, the Sex Pistols exploded onto the stage in front of fewer than forty people – or did […]


Happy Birthday to Brian May!

Legendary guitarist Brian May celebrates his 63rd birthday today! Well done that man. Still brandishing his custom ‘Red Special’ and performing around the world, the musician has done more in the last few years than […]