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U2’s Adam Clayton Takes Assistant To Court

U2 bassist Adam Clayton is suing his personal assistant, whom he says embezzled 2.8 million euro – roughly 3.5 million – from him over the course of four years. For over 16 years, Carol Hawkins […]


Photo by AFP//Getty Images

Unreleased Michael Jackson Track from “Bad” Surfaces Online

“Don’t Be Messing Around,” a previously unreleased track from the Michael Jackson classic Bad has circulated ahead of the album’s 25th anniversary reissue. As should be expected with most unreleased singles and B-sides, the song […]


Photo by Leon Halip//Getty Images

Man Sues Hospital Doctors For Watching Red Sox Game Instead Of Treating His Health “Hardship”

While some Connecticut doctors had their balls in a vice over the Red Sox score, one of their patients allegedly sat around and waited with recurrent pripasism–or a persistent painful erection unrelated to sexual stimulation. […]


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Boston Members Open Up About Brad Delp’s Suicide, Relationship With Tom Scholz

Testimony from former members of the band Boston describe a turbulent relationship between lead singer Brad Delp and band founder Tom Scholz, a relationship many of Delp’s friends and family believe contributed to Delp’s suicide […]


Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Man Adopts His 42 Year-Old Girlfriend To Circumvent The Law

Trust us, we’re all about finding loopholes to get ourselves out of trouble… but we found one guy who has taken it to a whole new level. A very creepy level. John Goodman (not that John […]


Family Loses Lawsuit, Marley’s Music Deemed “Works Made for Hire”

It’s a sad day for the Marley family. Lobbying since 1992 to keep the rights to [lastfm]Bob Marley[/lastfm]‘s recordings, judge Denise Cote finally ruled last week that the family will no longer have a say on […]


Foo Fighters Fight Back

[lastfm]Foo Fighters[/lastfm] are “looking” for a fight. The band is suing Australian advertising firm Re-Max because the company used their song “Learn to Fly” without permission and the Foo is “tired of lying.” For info on […]


Steven Seagal Under Seige For Sex Trafficking & Sexual Harassment

Lawman, Steven Seagal appears to be in hot water with the law, as he’s been accused of sex trafficking and sexual harassment, among other things, by a former employee. Keep reading for the deets




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