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Marijuana Might Be Legalized In California By 2016

By Nadia Noir For those that have an intimate relationship with mary jane, medical or otherwise, California might be legalling up your blissful blazing. According to LA Weekly, marijuana activists are making aggresive strides to […]


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Half Of Voters Will Most Likely Want Legalized Marijuana In Ten Years

There was once a time when alcohol, one of the most readily available drugs in the world, was completely illegal in the United States. After some frustrating years where people just made it themselves, illegal […]


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Colorado & Washington Legalize Marijuana, Stoners In Other States Lackadaisically Start Packing

California, we are supposed to be the ones with the quality herbal relationships. We have the climate, the hot hippies, the laid-back attitude. So why did Colorado and Washington state get to legalize marijuana first? […]