Thanks for an awesome JACK'S 9TH SHOW! Check out these Photos and Recap from the show. 


Dog Stairs

August 26th – Today’s Big Headlines

Schadenfreude is best when it’s a video of your favorite pet falling down the stairs. (EgoTV) The War of 1812 – The Movie (College Humor) Reasons why life was better in college (The Smoking Jacket) […]


Image Credit: MSJ

July 20th – Today’s Big Headlines

Somebody shows us the best ways to quit yer job.


June 6th – Today’s Big Headlines

Case of the Mondays? Maybe The United States of Stereotyping will cheer you up.


June 1st – Today’s Big Headlines

Anyone else notice the Rapture never happened? Maybe Macho Man had something to do with it…


May 20th – Today’s Big Headlines

Hey, don’t you wish Hasselhoff still made music videos? So do we… In the meantime, here are some ladies wearing bikinis wrestling in pudding.



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