WATCH: Lion Opens Car Door At Safari Park

By Sarah Carroll Rule #1 when you’re going on a wild animal safari? Lock your darn doors, you dummy! Well apparently, not everyone is hip to this piece of knowledge. A family driving through a South African […]


Photo by MANAN VATSYAYANA//Getty Images

Illinois Could Be First State To Ban Lion Meat. Wait. Lion Meat Is Legal?!

Just can’t wait to be king? Neither can the King Of The Jungle but apparently some weird subset of people are nomming down on these majestic animals in spicy chipotle hamburger form or as a […]


Photo by MANAN VATSYAYANA//Getty Images

Lion Dog Causes Panicked 911 Calls!

Imagine you’re just sitting around in your front yard and you see a baby lion walking down the street like it’s no big deal. What would you do? Probably call 911, right? That’s exactly what […]



Napolean Dynamite Would Be Proud Of Kiara, The First Every Liger-Lion Hybrid

And people always say that hybrid animals can’t mate. Well, Kiara who is half-African lion and half-liger, lion and a tiger, shows the world that crossbreeds can happen. If you turn the lights down low […]


Melissa Majchrzak / NBAE via Getty Images

Bear Saves Man From Mountain Lion [CSI: Jack FM]

California’s a dangerous place. Muggings, earthquakes…bears. Although in this case, it seems as though the bears are actually helpful. CSI: Jack FM is on the case, investigating a claim where a Californian man says a […]