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Can You Say These Tricky-To-Pronounce Words?

By Britt Bickel  The English language doesn’t always make sense and some words don’t exactly roll off the tongue easily. We’re looking at you, rural. This prompted a Reddit user JustATreeNut to ask users from […]


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Ditty Deja Vu — Songs That Sound Alike

By Britt Bickel for K Earth  Updated: 3.11.2015 We’ve all experienced musical deja vu at one point or another when you hear a new song, but you could swear you’ve heard it somewhere else before. […]


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#NationalPieDay: 5 Awesome Rock Songs About Pie

By Nadia Noir  Happy National Pie Day! If you’re thinking cherry pie of the Twin Peaks variety, you are totally right on. We love pie–all kindsa pie–almost as much as we love playing what we […]


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Top 10 Signature Moves In Music

Some of the most influential artists in music all seem to have one thing in common – a trademark move. From a memorable dance, wild stage theatrics or just having an abnormally long appendage, a […]


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America’s Top 10 Favorite Movies Of All Time

By Adam Bookbinder, 94.7 The Wave When it comes to favorite movies of all time, one in particular has not been blown away by the wind. A recent Harris Poll surveyed 2,276 U.S. adults between November […]


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10 Songs From The ’80s Named After Girls

Over the years, we’ve noticed a fair amount of righteous ’80s songs are named after chicks. What’s with the ’80s and naming songs after women? Here’s just a smattering of all the femme-centric songs that […]


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In-N-Out Burger Among Best Places To Work, Website Finds

LOS ANGELES ( — Locally-based fastfood chain In-N-Out Burger ranked high on Glassdoor’s list of the 50 best places to work in 2015. The career website says the burger chain ranked eighth on the list […]


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10 Best Horror Films Of The Last Half-Dozen Years

So you’ve seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Shining, and Poltergeist dozens of times, and you’re thinking of popping one of them back in for some festive Halloween viewing. There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s […]


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8 Annoying Kinds Of Text Messages People In Los Angeles Send

By Nadia Noir Nobody talks in LA. Making plans? Send a text. Feeling the love? Send a text? Want to break-up? Text it out, bro. While texting is a global craze thanks to the social […]


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5 Songs To Celebrate Moldy Cheese Day

By Nadia Noir Whether you like it stinky, creamy, or slathered on an In-N-Out double-double, cheese is the best. Moldy cheese is the worst, but we wouldn’t put it past us to try and scrape […]