Photo by Jason Shaltz

Midwest Boys Make Good: Black Keys Enthrall At Lollapalooza

In yesterday’s Lollapalooza battle of America vs. England, young vs. old and Black vs. Black, the Black Keys knew their strengths.


Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers / photo credit: Dave Mead courtesy of Lollapalooza

Red Hot Chili Peppers Thrill Audiences On Lollapalooza Day 2

Anthony Kiedis, for his part, is one of those rare rock vocalists whose voice has actually improved with age. In fact, 25 years in it is quite possible that the Chili Peppers are one of the best live acts going. At the very least, they’re a band practically tailor-made to top a festival bill.


Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Black Sabbath: “We Have Engaged A Substitute Drummer”

Following Bill Ward’s lengthy statement detailing why he won’t be joining Black Sabbath for their upcoming concert performances, Black Sabbath have responded with their own much shorter statement.


Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Black Sabbath To Headline Lollapalooza

After canceling a proposed tour due to guitarist Tony Iommi’s health issues, Black Sabbath hinted that they would play just one U.S. gig this year. Today, the verdict has spread throughout Twitter and various blogs […]


Arcade Fire Will Perform At The Grammys

Story by Zack Nechvatal Skyrocketing to the national stage in 2010 with their album, The Suburbs, [lastfm]Arcade Fire[/lastfm] will rock the Grammy stage for the first time next month. The band is nominated for several […]


Soundgarden Closes Lolla – And Rocks It!

There are always concerns. There are always worries. When one of your favorite bands reunites, will you still love it? Will age reduce the band to a hollowed out husk of its former self? [lastfm]Soundgarden[/lastfm] […]


Soundgarden To Play Pre-Lolla Club Gig

First, it gets awesome pizza. Then, Michael Jordan. Then, the President of the United States. And now, Chicago not only gets an awesome Lollapalooza lineup this year, but a pre-Lolla [lastfm]Soundgarden[/lastfm] club gig! Find out […]


Attorney General Investigates Lollapalooza

We’re just over one month away from Lollapalooza, with headliners [lastfm]Soundgarden[/lastfm], [lastfm]Green Day[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Arcade Fire[/lastfm] set to rock Chicago’s Grant Park. But why won’t those bands rock anywhere else in the midwest before or […]


Soundgarden Kicks Off Reunion With Seattle Show

Nineties alternative band [lastfm]Soundgarden[/lastfm] announced they’d be reuniting for Lollapalooza at the beginning of this year, but their first show will not be at the music festival, but rather in their hometown of Seattle. Keep […]