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Whole Foods Hosting Free Thanksgiving Tasting Tomorrow

By Nadia Noir Lots of people hate Thanksgiving–the meaning of the holiday, spending time with their families, etc. But almost no one sane we know hates the meal itself. There’s too much goodness to chose […]


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#FirstWorldProblems: Rich People In Los Angeles Hate Driving App Waze & Here’s Why

By Nadia Noir  Waze is the newest in the driving map craze, but it’s apparently making some people from Los Angeles a little loco. For those who’ve never used Waze, the app gives you in-the-moment […]


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What Is Considered California’s “Best” Sandwich?

By Nadia Noir What is a sandwich to you? By our standards, a sandwich is a beautiful hunk of fat and protein slapped in between something chock-full of carbs. So what is considered California’s best […]


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Where Do America’s Most & Least Attractive People Live?

By Nadia Noir Look around you. Los Angeles is like a mecca for super-hot people. If you’re like, “Meh, whatever,” go to a town in Middle America and you’re mildly-toned and moderately-tan booty will probably […]


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LA Parking Officers Caught Handing Out Bogus Tickets

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — We caught Los Angeles parking officers writing ticket after ticket, hitting motorists with a $73 fine. “It’s unfair, really unfair, and really bad,” said onewoman who’d just been cited. STREET CLEANING PARKING […]


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Yogurtland Prank Unveils New Flavors, “Drunk Texting” and “Doritos Locos Tacos”

By Jordy Altman Nothing satisfies quite like a big, delightful helping of Drunk Text flavored FroYo. At least that’s what Los Angeles based comedian Logan Guntzelman wants you to think, as she has unleashed a […]


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Century Boulevard Near LAX To Be Closed Overnights Through Nov. 21

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Motorists whose routes will take them near Los Angeles InternationalAirport will need to plan ahead with overnight closures set for westbound Century Boulevard for the next two weeks, starting Monday night. Beginning […]


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DUI Checkpoints This Weekend In Los Angeles

By Nadia Noir Just ask anyone who’s hopped aboard JACK FM’s Party Train. It can’t stop and won’t stop and that’s probably why the cops are setting up shop all over Los Angeles, banking on […]


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Top 5 Places You’re Most Likely To Get Your Bike Stolen In LA

By Nadia Noir More bikes, bikes lanes, and “bike consciousness” in Los Angeles means that, of course, more people are riding bikes. Unlike cars, bikes are pretty easy to steal; you can just pick up […]


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How Every Person In LA Will Die… Mostly.

By Jordy Altman Gaze into this smoky orb and we will tell your future… Ah yes… we see that you will absolutely die someday in your lifetime. Thank you, come again. Rather than paying some […]





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