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402 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Los Angeles Shut Down

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — More than 400 medical marijuana dispensaries in the city have been closed, and Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer says he is now taking aim against the creator of a pot delivery […]


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20 Reasons Why LA Is Better Than New York

A rivalry that has existed for years, the battle between Los Angeles and New York seems to always be a topic of conversation. So, which city is better? Of course it’s all subjective, but the […]


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Bob Baker, Of Classic Bob Baker Marionette Theatre, Dies At Age 90

By Nadia Noir Part of all that was weird and wonderful in Los Angeles, the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre in Echo Park/Downtown Los Angeles was recently the subject of scrutiny over its wobbly and mysterious […]



Best Decorated Neighborhoods For The Holidays

The reality for most of us in Southern California is that we aren’t going to get much of an “authentic” feel during the Christmas season. With temperatures occasionally popping into the 80’s and the palm […]


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Interactive Map Shows Where Sick People Are In Los Angeles

By Nadia Noir We make lists of all the places you should go in Los Angeles, but you know where you shouldn’t go? Ummm, where everyone is gonna cough all over you. A company called […]


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Los Angeles’ Top 5 Travel Destinations For Thanksgiving

By Nadia Noir We might have the worst Thanksgiving traffic but a ton of Angelenos are still heading out of town for Thanksgiving. The Automobile Club of Southern California (via LA Weekly) unleashed the “top […]


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L.A. Listed As One Of The Worst Cities For Renters

By Nadia Noir Los Angeles is a beautiful place to live. It’s too bad it’s so damn expensive to live here. According to Rent.com (via LA Weekly), Los Angeles is one of the worst rental […]


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63 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About L.A.

So, you think you know everything there is to know about L.A., huh? Even for the most experienced Angeleno, Los Angeles offers up history that most people don’t know about, as well as little details […]



Kitten Therapy Set Up Near Downtown LA Courthouse

By Jordy Altman Seems like everybody in LA is stressed these days. The weather’s changing, work is piling up, and the holidays are right around the corner. You’re always late, your clothes don’t fit, the […]


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Now There’s An App That Lets You Text Jerky Drivers

By Nadia Noir Driving in Los Angeles can be dangerous, especially with the amount of aggression on the road and permanently sucky drivers. When a horn can’t express how we feel, there’s been times where […]





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