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LEIPZIG - DECEMBER 14: A trip through her enclosure takes Opossum Heidi on Tuesday December 14, 2010 at Zoo Leipzig. A squinting opossum in the wild would have real problems. It would probably be eaten pretty quickly. (Photo by Hendrik Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images)

Los Angeles Woman Finds Opossum Family In Her Closet: Watch

By Nadia Noir Ugh, we wish our clutter was this cute. A spring cleaning woman in Los Angeles found a trash bag in her closet that was moving and, well, adorable Disney-esque chaos ensued. Watch the […]


CLEARFIELD, PA - MAY 5:  Waitress Rachel Pittman hustles a burger to waiting customers at Denny's Beer Barrell in Clearfield, Pennysylvania. The establishment features a 15 pound burger for $39 that is free if the customer can finish it.  (Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)

Los Angeles’s First-Ever Beer & Burger Festival Coming In August

By Nadia Noir We can’t believe this wasn’t a thing before, but Los Angeles’ first-ever Burgers & Beer festival–hosted by LA Weekly–is coming to the LA Coliseum on August 8. For a $65 General Admission […]


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Los Angeles Dogs Are The Bite-iest In The Nation

By Nadia Noir According to some statistics by the U.S Postal Service and oft-nibbled on postal service people everywhere, Los Angeles is the bite-iest city in the country. Or, alternately, our postal workers are the […]


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Apparently, A Flaming Hot Cheetos Thickburger Has Made It’s Way To Some LA-Based Carl’s Jr Locations

By Nadia Noir Foodbeast is reporting that some people, including the Instagrammer below, have witnessed with their own two eyes, one of the most magical concoctions to ever hit the Fast Food Freakfest showdown that […]


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Fan Films Himself Catching A Home Run At Dodger Stadium

By Britt Bickel One Dodgers fan has just upped the video selfie game when he filmed himself catching a homer at Dodger Stadium. Bobby Crosby, who goes by DodgerFilms on YouTube, has filmed himself and […]


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#MayTheFourth: Star Wars Invades Los Angeles In Viral Video

By Nadia Noir Star Wars geeks and Angelenos: If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if the Imperial Forces invaded Los Angeles, look no further. Kaipo Jones, a motion graphics dude, spent three months […]


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5 Best Speakeasy Bars In Los Angeles

During Prohibition, speakeasy bars sold alcohol even when alcohol was not legal.


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Shake Shack Coming to Los Angeles in 2016

An East Coast staple, Shake Shack, announced that they are heading west and setting up shop right here in sunny Los Angeles. According to their website… The City of Angels’ first-ever Shake Shack® is slated to arrive […]


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Best Up-And-Coming Local Brands In Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, shopping options consist of an endless array of brands and styles. Each of the items on this list highlights a stylish shopping locale distinctive to the LA experience. With artists and designers bringing a variety of brands available for innovative California living.


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L.A. Has Pickiest Eaters As Compared To Cities Nationwide, GrubHub Finds

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Los Angeles has a new claim to fame after being dubbed as having the pickiest diners in the country, according to GrubHub. From diners with dietary restrictions to eaters with particular […]