Los Angeles

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George Lucas Might Move His Proposed Museum From Chicago To Los Angeles

By Nadia Noir The force is strong with George Lucas. So strong that the media mogul is talking about bringing his Lucas Museum of Narrative Art to Los Angeles rather than its planned location of […]


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5 Reasons Why Living In Los Angeles Is Sometimes Depressing

By Nadia Noir Yesterday (Jan. 19) is a day scientists and other smarties consider “Blue Monday.” It’s not just a moody New Order song but mathematically considered the most depressing day out of the entire […]


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11 Best Apps To Download If You Live In Los Angeles

A collection of the must have apps to navigate life in Los Angeles.


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Martin Luther King Day Celebrations Around Southern California

by Britt Bickel Today is the national observance of one of the greatest civil rights champions and influential leaders of our time, and to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., many area celebrations […]


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7 Widely Believed Myths About L.A.

Clearing up all the myths and lies about Los Angeles.


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Dating Site Tells Us Where The Hottest Singles Live In Los Angeles

By Nadia Noir If you’re single and ready to mingle, you should probably put down that pizzookie that you just got all over the duvet cover and leave your house. Stop swiping left and right; […]



Like Paying Double The National Average In Rent? Live In Los Angeles.

By Nadia Noir Planning on moving out from your parent’s basement soon? You might want to rethink that housing strategy because Los Angeles is currently batting double the United States average when it comes to […]


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Missed Connection Monday: “I Was The Creepy Guy. Ringing Any Bells?”

By Nadia Noir Every weekend, people drink, people Tinder, people glimpse their “one true love” after fourteen jager bombs, and inevitably, somebody gets their connections missed. We spent a few seconds on our Monday mornings […]


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Someone Hacked Los Angeles Traffic Sign To Say “Read A F**king Book”

By Nadia Noir Stop texting while driving but definitely “read a f**king book” once in awhile. That’s the message someone hacked in a digital traffic sign in Downtown Los Angeles. No one knows who the […]


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Watch Chinatown Diners Eat A Whole Entire Boa Constrictor For “Sexual Benefits” [Video]

By Nadia Noir Viagra, move over. There’s a new/old “man’s best friend” in town that puts the snake in “trouser snake.” Vice’s fearless food blog, Munchies, took a correspondent to Los Angeles’ Chinatown to delve […]