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Five Reasons To Visit Los Angeles In 2015

Los Angeles, in addition to being the movie capital of the world, is also listed as one of the must-see U.S. cities on many tourist lists. Famous for its celebrity sightings, red carpet events and […]


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Best Weird Museums and Tours in Los Angeles

By Vanessa Payes There are countless museums, tours and exhibits in Los Angeles that showcase the city’s arts, culture and Hollywood movie history. Although much can be learned about this grand and fascinating city with […]


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15 Awesome Reasons Why Google’s Self-Driving Cars Coming to California in 2015 Is The Best Thing Ever

By Jordy Altman Hopefully it’s nothing like the one from “Silicon Valley.” Looks like California is getting some new high-tech equipment on the road. Google’s self-driving car – a whimsical hybrid that’s half VW bus, […]


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Wanna Get Arrested? Apparently You Can If You Charge Your Phone At A Metro Station

By Nadia Noir Commuters and travelers, beware: if your phone is not juiced up, don’t even think about trying to charge it while you’re waiting at one of the Metro stations. According to Curbed LA, […]


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Current Map of L.A. Farmers Markets For Every Day of the Week

Welcome to Los Angeles, home of the Farmer’s Market! You want fresh avocados? How about a pound of succulent oranges. Maybe some hummus, salsa, or curry? Farmers Markets in Los Angeles are plentiful and downright […]


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Best Date Ideas For Singles In Los Angeles

Offering up unbeatable weather, the ocean, mountains, beautiful sunsets, and top-of-the-line wines, Los Angeles is like no other when you compare it to other cities around the U.S. and around the world. No matter where […]


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What Malls Are Open on Christmas Eve

by Sasha Huff Alright so we totally get that some of you are going to be crazy last minute shoppers and brave the insanity that is shopping on Christmas Eve. Maybe it’s because you forgot […]


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Best Pizza In Los Angeles To Grab After A Show

By Caitlyn Trudnich Whether you have dinner plans, getting a snack at a show, looking for a late-night bite – pizza is always a good call!  Who doesn’t crave the delicious combination of gooey cheese, […]


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Los Angeles Area Tow Trucks Are Kidnapping People’s Cars For More Money

By Nadia Noir  Traffic is pretty bad out there thanks to a) the holidays and b) lowered gas prices. If you find yourself in an unfortunate holiday fender-bender and a tow truck magically appears next to […]


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LA To San Fran In 35 Minutes? Hyperloop CEO Says Speed Tube Could Become Reality

PLAYA VISTA (CBSLA.com) — It takes about six hours to drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco – depending on your speed – and more than an hour to fly. But in the future, the […]





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