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Binder App Will Dump Your Significant Other For You

By Sarah Carroll Too lazy or too chicken to break up with your significant other? Thanks to modern technology, there’s an app for that. Ugh…we WISH we were kidding! Binder (rhymes with Tinder, go figure) will break […]


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Psychologist Confirms IKEA Shopping Can Ruin Your Relationship

By Sarah Carroll Does it really come as a surprise that going to IKEA can be hazardous to a happy relationship? It’s overwhelming! You practically cover a half marathon winding your way through the maze, […]


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Man Caught With 17 Girlfriends After They All Come To Visit Him At The Hospital

By Sarah Carroll Here’s a friendly PSA for all you people looking to cheat on your significant other…First off, DON’T! That’s just rude. But if you do, maybe keep it down to just 1 side […]


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You Can Now Serve Divorce Papers On Facebook

By Sarah Carroll Facebook is a great way to reconnect with old friends, new friends, and family, but according to a judge, a Brooklyn woman can now also use the social network to sever ties […]


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Watch: R2-D2 Rolls Through San Francisco & Falls In Love With A Mailbox

It’s spring so love is in the air–even if you’re a robot. Created by Evan Atherton, Artoo in Love chronicles the misadventures of a robot scooting around San Francisco and looking for love. He may […]


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Meanwhile In Southern California: Woman Gets Stuck In Ex-Boyfriend’s Chimney

THOUSAND OAKS ( — Crews rescued a woman Sunday who was trapped in a chimney for several hours overnight. According to the Ventury County Fire Department, firefighters had to slowly chip away at the bricks […]


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Why Blondes Make the Best Girlfriends

National Blonde Day is a faux holiday created years ago to promote the film Legally Blonde 2. But who are we to question what nature hath given us? Society has placed a weird premium on […]


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From Myspace To Facebook, How Social Media Can Screw Up Your Relationship

Happy Valentine’s Day! And if you have a Valentine today, congrats, because with social media, love is getting a lot harder. Once upon a time, way before JACK FM existed, love used to go something […]

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Phil Collins Day Is For Confusing Lonely Singles After Valentine’s Day

Congratulations to all those lonely, jaded curmudgeons who survived Valentine’s Day. The corporate holiday does its very best to alienate singles with chocolate, flowers and edible arrangements. We can also blame social media for giving […]


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Love Hurts AND Stinks: A Classic Valentine’s Day Playlist

For the single folks in the room, Valentine’s Day is just cruel. An entire day that rubs in the fact that you’re alone? No thank you. Take the mushy stuff elsewhere, this is not a […]