lunch hit

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[Lunch Hit] The Sandwich Place In Fullerton, November 15th

WOW!  This guy found the Sticker Pimps at The Sandwich Place today and got hooked up with some cool swag!


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[Lunch Hit] Al’s New York Pizza In Costa Mesa, November 14th

The Sticker Pimps hung out with all the cool kids at Al’s New York Cafe today.


Picture 007

[Lunch Hit] Two Saucy Broads Pizza In Fullerton, November 10th

This guy is the anti-Saucy Broad. Would the Real Saucy Broad please stand up, please stand up, please stand up…  


Photo Credit: Jack FM

[Lunch Hit] Dan’s Super Subs Woodland Hills, November 8th

We had a blast today, handing out some free Jack FM goodies to the Woodland Hills gang at Dan’s Super Subs. Those subs sure are suuuper!!


Photo Credit: Jack FM

[Lunch Hit] Sando’s Sub Shop in Manhattan Beach, November 7th

After grabbing some Sando Subs, this listener grabbed some cool JACK swag to rock!


Photo Credit: Jack FM

[Lunch Hit] Philly’s Best In San Dimas, November 3rd

This lucky winner is going to enjoy his Ultimate Workout Video that he won at Philly’s Best today from the Jack Crew!


Photo Credit: Jack FM

[Lunch Hit] Mike’s Deli In Los Angeles, November 1st

Jack’s Sticker Pimps enjoyed some tasty, meaty sandwiches from Mike’s Deli today in L.A. while giving away some fantastic prizes.


Photo Credit: Jack FM

[Lunch Hit] September 29th, Deli-Licious In Huntington Beach

Sticker Pimp Bailey’s creepy face was not so delicious at Deli-Licious


Lunch Hit

[Lunch Hit] September 27th, Frisco’s in City of Industry

Hey stranger, now you have a new JACK shirt to cover up the stained one you have on now.


JACK FM’s Dr. Cranfill at the Home Depot in Monrovia Today!!

We’re sure almost none of you care, or even know who Dr. Cranfill is but he works here at JACK FM and today, he will be live and in person giving away some JACK FM schwag […]