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lunch hit

Image Credit: Jack FM

[Lunch Hit] 9/21/11 Sando’s Sub Shop, Manhattan Beach

The Sticker Pimps were hanging out and giving away swag in Manhattan Beach today with their friends over at Sando’s Sub Shop!


Image Credit: Jack FM

[Lunch Hit] 9/20/2011 People’s Choice Cafe

Hanging with the people at People’s Choice Cafe today, giving away free Jack FM t-shirts and other goodies!


[Lunch Hit] Sep 15th, Portillo’s in Buena Park

It’s ok friends in white shirts, we won’t expose the fact that you are ditching class to eat at Portillo’s.


[Lunch Hit] August 29th, The Sandwich Place in Fullerton

The Sandwich Place – where everybody knows your name!


[Lunch Hit] 8/26/2011 El Tepeyac

Having lunch at El Tepeyac  Cafe with the best nachos in town! Tasty!


[Lunch Hit] August 23rd, Philly’s Best In San Dimas

Giving out tickets to the best at Philly’s Best!


[Lunch Hit] August 19th, Socko’s Subs In Westwood

The sticker pimp crew had a great time at Socko’s Subs in Westwood! And it sure didn’t socko, ha!  


Image Credit: Jack FM

[Lunch Hit] August 18th, Hottie’s Pizza in Costa Mesa

Jack’s Sticker Pimps hung out at Hottie’s Pizza today with some hotties!!


Image Credit: Jack FM

[Lunch Hit] August 16th, Chick’s in Woodland Hills

Sticker Pimps hangin out at Chick’s hooked this JACK FM listener with some free swag!


[Lunch Hit] August 15th, Pizza Pirates In Pomona

Munching on some pizza today in Pomona at Pizza Pirates. Aargh!!