[JACK’s Tattoo Madness] USA! USA! USA!



[JACK’s Tattoo Madness] What Would Your Mother Say?

It’s a terrible stereotype, but it may be the truest of them all… Your mom hates your tattoo. JACK does its best to channel Big Momma and chide you for tattooing that ink thing on […]


[JACK’s Tattoo Madness] Best/Worst Tramp Stamp

It was inevitable… the TRAMP STAMP is a staple of the tattoo community. It wouldn’t be a contest without a dozen of these. We all know the lady (or dude) who has the mark, but […]


[JACK’s Tattoo Madness] Killer Music Tattoos

We’re still wading through the piles of amazing tattoos appearing under our office door. Today we honor the band tattoos inked on music fans.


[JACK’s Tattoo Madness] Favorite Cartoon/Character Tattoos

Sometimes life feels like fiction – here are some characters who were told they needed a reality check, but instead took their ink to the comic book store. Looks good though. We kinda wished we […]


[Branded And Stranded] Round 2: Jeff VS Bradley

Jack FM is here to make voting for LA’s BEST TATTOO easy. From 64 tats to 32, the following breakdowns are here to make voting for Round TWO simple to manage. Enjoy more of JACK’S […]


Album Art You Should Tattoo On Your Body RIGHT NOW

We know your girlfriend thinks your tattoo of an album cover is pretty cool… but our tattoo was featured on an album cover back in ’77. We’d tell you which one, but your girlfriend may […]


Stop And Smell The Billboards: March 4

JACK FM… Tramp stamping your radio all over Los Angeles.


The Femme Fatale Final Four

VOTING HAS ENDED … the cougar has been crowned! Jewel gets a brand new Nissan 370Z, courtesy of Nissan of Mission Hills– Out to be the #1 Nissan dealer in the world. Meet Jewel and the rest of the cougars.


R5 Final: Den Mothers W. Benefits: Jewel

Name: Jewel Birthday: 02/21/1970 Occupation: Hair Extension Artist Tell JACK FM why you should be the winner of JACK’S Cougar Madness? I believe that I am the youngest looking 40-year-old woman in California. About you […]