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Possibly Silly but Totally Effective Ways to Get in Shape

One would guess that if you happen to be fat and you happen to be a Jew it would never occur to you to go around calling yourself “The Fat Jew.” Which means, you’re no […]


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How Beer-Making Robots Are Going To Change The Way You Drink

Most of us don’t follow Kickstarter, because there are only so many “roomy” jeans pitches and crappy iPhone wallet designs you can see before your sanity starts slipping. But it’s a compelling site in many, […]


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GUY CODE: What Does a Month of No Porn Do to a Man?

What does a month without porn do to a man? What happens to the male brain? Does he go crazy? Or does he invent a practical flying car? Only MTV Guy Code knows the answer! […]


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Judging a Beer by Its Label