Man Cave

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ICYMI: Top Ten Strongest Men in The World

So you think you have abs of steel and chiseled biceps? You’ve got nuttin’ on these infamous strong men. They lift refrigerators and pull semi trucks at the drop of a hat and make it […]


Alert The Presses: This Week’s Stick Up Info!

Sometimes really awesome things happen in the dumpy little building, and instead of just whispering it to the person at the cubicle next to us, we need to shout it off the roof tops! Man […]


How to open a bottle of champagne like an upper crust gentleman. Hint: This is NOT how to do it. (Jung Yeon-Je, Getty Images)

How To Open a Champagne Bottle Like A Real Manly Man

Get out your monocle and smoking jacket, because you’re about to learn something usually reserved for men named Jeeves. If you have some bubbly lying around and want to celebrate winning the Man Cave with […]



Top 5 Manliest Moustaches Ever!

The World Beard and Moustache Championships are coming up next year! We’re telling you nice and early so you can start growing the manliest of all features: a ridiculous moustache! Here are our top 5 […]


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The Manliest Last Words Ever Spoken

Being a manly man means many things. Having a man cave, building things with your hands, drinking beer, and eating red meat all qualify as manly man-tivities. Red-blooded dudes of the past have demonstrated the […]


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Pour The Perfect Pint Like a Manly Man

Listen up, you really really need to stop pouring bad pints!! If you’re going to have a beer that isn’t crappy, you might as well learn how to have it right. We want to teach […]


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Official Groundhog Day History According To JACK FM

The almighty groundhog is convinced he’s the one with power on this fine day… Well think again rodent! It’s called global warming! Your power no longer exists. Here at Jack we can provide you with […]


Rudolf, Jack’s Man Cave Winner!

Congrats to Rudolph from Lomita, CA on winning the Jack FM Man Cave! May all your days be filled with beer, video games, and happiness.


Man Cave Winner Announced Today

You knew this day was coming… You’ve tried calling every day… Who will win Jack’s Man Cave?


[Man Cave] Ultimate Movie Library

What’ll you be watching tonight on your 54″ PLASMA?