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The Truth Behind ‘Pacific Rim’

by Luke McKinney When I’m not writing about video games and drinking, I volunteer to pilot experimental giant robots, because the start of this sentence proved that doing awesome things is my entire job. What […]


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The Hottest Retro Game Consoles

by Marshal M. Rosenthal Have you looked at a video game controller lately? What’s with all those buttons, knobs, joysticks, tabs…’s crazy! That’s why so many of us prefer 8 and 16-bit games: the graphics […]


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How Not to Tip at a Restaurant

by Josh Hrala Going to a restaurant is one of the most fun things one can do in life, right up there with watching people getting hit in the junk (the America’s Funniest Home Videos […]



The 7 New NBA Finals Game 7 Rules

by Rachel Roderman The series is tied. The players are on their last legs. The fans are tired, nervous, nauseous, and not settling for a loss. But I’ve always felt that Game 7 was kind […]



20 Movies That Need Sequels NOW

by Rob Fee It seems like every month studios begin promoting another Hollywood remake, sequel, or unnecessary prequel (looking at you, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) that no one was really looking for. With all the great […]



The Dumbest Yahoo Answers, Part 9

by Luis Prada Why do I keep doing this to myself? I rummage through Yahoo! Answers, trying to find the brain garbage tossed out and left to fester in the sun for weeks due to […]


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Six Things that Make You A Man

by Steve Stevenson As a dude, I sometimes look at women and think; wow, that looks like so much hard work. They must spend a couple of hours at least, daily, just doing the things […]


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How to Work Out (like a Jerk)

Everyone knows that having muscles is a surefire way to get the ladies (definitely don’t try to get smart). When I go to the gym I see guys doing all of the wrong moves on […]



History’s Most Over-the-Top Funerals

Humor writer Kathy Benjamin has a new book out called Funerals to Die For. And since comedy and death are the only two loves that have never abandoned us, we asked her if she’d share […]



Five Musicians Wounded by Cool Props

The thing about rockstars is that they are the kind of people who are expected to do awesome things to draw attention to themselves. They are the kind of people who routinely say, do and […]