Drink, Drank, Drunk: Cabo Cantina

In order to get ready for Cinco de Mayo, here’s a decent pick for margaritas at great prices. And you can’t beat that until you get so drunk that someone has to carry you home.


Fiesta Con Jack: Margarita Recipes

Sometimes you gotta get wasted and National Margarita Day is one of those times.  Maybe you just don’t want to get that tanked in a bar, so use these stellar recipes to imbibe your way […]


Time To Get Wasted: National Margarita Day & The Best Margaritas In Los Angeles

What’s better than a nice cold Margarita after a hard day of work?  Having two of them, or ten if you’re down and since it’s National Margarita Day, you might as well. Check out our […]



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