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Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries Tax Rates Are Like Super High Man

It ain’t easy being green. That’s what owners of medicinal marijuana dispensaries are finding out, but probably not for the reasons you think. And it’s, like, a bummer man, a real bummer. Let’s rewind to […]


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Snoop Dogg Wants To Extol The Virtues Of Weed To 8-Year-Olds

In a free-wheeling and THC-saturated new interview, legendary West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion, for those going along with his “conversion” into a more mature reggae artist) has said that he wants to […]


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Los Angles Man Finds $175,000 Worth Of Pot In Hot Tub, Doesn’t Keep It?!

If you were to find $175,000 worth of pot in your Silverlake, Los Angeles hot tub, what would you do with it? The ethical conundrum is easy for most that have no real ethics or […]


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Chances Are Snoop Lion Is Smoking A Blunt This Very Moment

Is Snoop Lion lying? If what he claims is true, a better question would be, is Snoop Lion even conscious? It’s no secret that Snoop indulges in copious amount of marijuana. In fact, with a […]


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Half Of Voters Will Most Likely Want Legalized Marijuana In Ten Years

There was once a time when alcohol, one of the most readily available drugs in the world, was completely illegal in the United States. After some frustrating years where people just made it themselves, illegal […]


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Study Shows That Marijuana The Cause Of Decline In Youth Crime. Kinda.

  Where have all the bad kids gone? These days it’s all about adult hoarders covered in dead cats and adult’s eating faces while on balt salts. Sure, we have little creeps like 12-year-old Steven […]


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Marijuana Dealer Donates Half His Profits To Help Victims Of Hurrican Sandy

So, like, what have you done to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, man? One New York City marijuana dealer was inspired to take the high road with his money earned selling the green stuff. […]


Photo by Roberto Schmidt//Getty Images

Colorado & Washington Legalize Marijuana, Stoners In Other States Lackadaisically Start Packing

California, we are supposed to be the ones with the quality herbal relationships. We have the climate, the hot hippies, the laid-back attitude. So why did Colorado and Washington state get to legalize marijuana first? […]


Bret Michaels Busted for Drugs! Well, Kinda

Here’s a question: you’re driving in Indiana when a cop pulls you over due to extinguished tag lights. They find drugs. What do you think will happen next?


Tax and Regulate Initiative: Making Marijuana Legal

Alcohol is sold in grocery stores. Cigarettes are sold at every corner convenience store. To buy marijuana, though, takes a (faked or real) prescription to stay within spitting distance of the law…and the majority of […]




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