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Buy One Get One Free At McDonald’s McCafe Happy Hour

By Nadia Noir Are you lovin’ it? Really, how much are you lovin’ it? Enough to go halfsies with your BFF on a McCafe beverage at McDonalds? If you go to McDonalds on Monday through […]



McDonald’s To Give Raises To Workers At Company-Owned Restaurants

LOS ANGELES ( — McDonald’s announced Wednesday it will give raises and paid time off to some if its employees. According to McDonald’s, workers at company-owned restaurants will be paid $1 an hour more than the […]


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McDonald’s Will Soon Be Testing 24-Hour Breakfast Menu

by Cody Black Fast-food giant McDonald’s will soon be testing out an all-day breakfast menu, according to Business Insider. “Our industry sources inform us that McDonald’s US plans to test all-day breakfast — breakfast items […]


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McDonald’s Asks Bands to Play for Free at SXSW

Brooklyn indie band tells McDonald’s they deserve a break today and want to get paid.


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McDonald’s Monopoly Is Back & Here’s 8 Possible Prizes We Wish We Could Win

By Nadia Noir Break out your piggy bank. America is about to get super piggy on McDonalds’ dollar menu. The iconic fast food chain is breaking out their annual Monopoly game tomorrow (September 30) which […]


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McDonald’s To Offer Free McCafe Coffee

By Adam Bookbinder Even though temperatures are expected to be close to 100 degrees, that doesn’t mean we need to stop drinking our coffee in the morning, especially if it’s free! From Tuesday, September 16th […]


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McDonald’s to Start Accepting McPayments Through Your McPhone McApp “McD”

By Jordy Altman McBreaking News: McDonald’s, your friendly local, neighborhood cheeseburger joint, is finally joining the twenty-first century. Starting this month, McDonald’s will be releasing a smartphone app that allows customers to bypass the line […]


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Kids These Days: Guy Smokes McDonald’s French Fry

By Nadia Noir What’s the fattest, errr, fastest way to get your fast food buzz? Well, probably mainlining, but the next easiest option is to smoke it up. One young dude decides to demonstrate the […]


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Ronald McDonald Does The Ice Bucket Challenge & It’s Super Creepy

By Nadia Noir Despite its super good intentions and seeing hotties in bikinis covered in skin-puckering ice water, the Ice Bucket Challenge has become an annoying brand of “slacktivism” that’s been blowing up our social […]


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You’ve Likely Eaten Here, But Have You Tried The Secret Menu?

LOS ANGELES ( — You probably know the offerings at your favorite fast-food joints inside and out, but did you know that many of them have a secret menu? In-N-Out Burger was one of the […]