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Kids These Days: Guy Smokes McDonald’s French Fry

By Nadia Noir What’s the fattest, errr, fastest way to get your fast food buzz? Well, probably mainlining, but the next easiest option is to smoke it up. One young dude decides to demonstrate the […]


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Ronald McDonald Does The Ice Bucket Challenge & It’s Super Creepy

By Nadia Noir Despite its super good intentions and seeing hotties in bikinis covered in skin-puckering ice water, the Ice Bucket Challenge has become an annoying brand of “slacktivism” that’s been blowing up our social […]


Credit: CBS2

You’ve Likely Eaten Here, But Have You Tried The Secret Menu?

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — You probably know the offerings at your favorite fast-food joints inside and out, but did you know that many of them have a secret menu? In-N-Out Burger was one of the […]


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McDonald’s Debuts Terrifying New Mascot ‘Happy’

By Adam Bookbinder No, it’s not for Halloween.  McDonald’s debuted a brand new mascot, Happy.  But the thing is, it’s terrifying looking! Happy is not a new concept.  It was born in France back in […]


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Meanwhile In Southern California: Pacoima Guys Sues McDonalds For Over A Million Over Lack Of Napkins

By Nadia Noir America. Streets paved with gold or golden arches. McDonalds is the patron saint of obesity and alternately the American ideal that any Ronald McDonald can succeed if they truly try. That is […]


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Now You Know: You Can’t Take Your Horse Through A McDonalds Drive-Thru

Put your Palomino away if you plan on getting some nuggets from Mickey D’s via drive-thru. A Manchester, England lady and her daughter learned the messy way that McDonalds doesn’t take kindly to horsies–at least […]


(Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

McDonalds Unleashes The Godzilla Of Fast Food Items On Japan

McDonald’s is synonymous with fast food, and when you think of fast food, you think of calories. Lots of ‘em. The Big Mac? 550 calories. A Quarter Pounder? 540 calories. Even just a plain old […]


Photo by Paul J. Richards//Getty Images

Burger King’s Twitter Account Hacked By McDonalds Or Patrick Carney Or The Illuminati?

If you were like us and hiding in your heavy-curtained room all weekend watching crappy French films on Netflix, you might have missed the news that someone under the name of McDonald’s hacked into Burger […]


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UFOs Appear On Google Maps’ Street Views In Texas & New Mexico

There are conspiracies that Google is trying to take over the world and, as evidenced from the pink UFOs that have been appearing on the street views of their Google Maps (which is creepy anyway, […]


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It seems like it was only yesterday when we shut down the station doors in order to feast upon the McRib picnic the Sticker Pimps set up . It was glorious; it was messy. The […]




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