Meanwhile In Southern California

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Meanwhile In Southern California: Man Is Pursued By Police With Mother Inside Car, Jumps Into Redondo Ocean Naked

By Nadia Noir In case you were wondering what Jack FM is doing this weekend, it’s not this. We know. So boring. Last night, a man in Redondo Beach evaded the police while driving through […]


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#MeanwhileInSouthernCalifornia: Dude Gets Hand Surgery Thanks To Candy Crush Addiction

By Nadia Noir Remember when you actually had to move your body to get an a “workout” injury? Now, even sliding your fingers across a screen while you move brightly-colored objects is dangerous to your […]


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Meanwhile In Southern California: Some Guy Loses His Million Dollar Powerball Ticket

By Nadia Noir Mama said there’d be days like this. Days where you you emptied out your pockets without thinking and trashed a million dollar Powerball ticket. Whoops. We guess Mama’s not getting that brand […]


This picture has nothing to do with the actual story. (Photo by Valery Hache//Getty Images)

Local Strangers Brazenly Have Sex In Front Of Horrified Shoppers At Chula Vista Strip Mall

CHULA VISTA (  —  Police say a brazen couple gave new meaning to the term “strip mall” Saturday in Chula Vista. The unidentified man and woman made out — and then had sex — in […]


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Red Power Ranger Arrested After Fatally Stabbing Palmdale Roommate with Sword

By Jordy Altman You know the ’90s are long gone when “Morphin’ Time” becomes “Self-Defense Time.” Ricardo Medina, Jr., better known as the Red Ranger from Power Rangers Wild Force, has been arrested for allegedly […]



Orange County Dude Lays Down On Freeway After Getting Pulled Over For Intoxicated Driving [Watch]

By Nadia Noir One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. Or in this guy’s case, the northbound side of the 55 Freeway. After being pulled over by CHP, this guy (who had allegedly been drinking […]


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Machete Wielding Adult Toy Store Security Guard Thwarts Dildo Thief Despite Being Attacked By A Bong

By Jordy Altman It was a long, hard day at the Couples Mega Outlet in Anaheim. A young would-be-thief learned the hard way that stealing a bushel of dildos while brandishing a bong as a […]


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Drunk California Dude Arrested On 210 Freeway in a Stolen Rose Bowl Golf Cart

By Jordy Altman Drinking and driving applies to all vehicles, especially commandeered golf karts on the 210 Freeway on New Years Eve. While New Years Eve is many things to many people, in Los Angeles […]


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Woman Gets Stuck Shimmying Naked Down Chimney Of Estranged Boyfriend’s Home

WOODCREST ( — A 35-year-old woman who tried to climb down the chimney of her estranged boyfriend’s Woodcrest home early Saturday morning had to be rescued after getting stuck, according to the Riverside County Fire Department. Homeowner Tony Hernandez said […]


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Mental Patient Being Treated By Paramedics Takes Off In Fire Department Ambulance

LOS ANGELES (  —  Authorities said an unidentified patient, being treated by paramedics, commandeered a Los Angeles Fire Department ambulance Sunday evening before crashing it. LAPD is investigating. The incident started at Third and Alameda, […]