Meanwhile In Southern California

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Koreatown Thief Tries To Steal Stick Shift Car, Can’t Drive It

If your shady profession of choice is stealing cars, one would assume you’d have mastery of all types of cars. But a man trying to steal a manual transmission car early Sunday morning in Koreatown […]


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Would You Pay Extra For A Better Jail Cell In Glendale?

The financial crises that California jails have been subjected to may be alleviated with a new room-and-board tactic being experimented with at a Glendale city jail. According to the Los Angeles Times, a Glendale jail […]


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Study Says Los Angeles Has Worst Traffic, No Duh

Classify this one under NSS (No Shizz Sherlock). Apparently Los Angeles is at the top of Tom Tom’s “congestion index.” After looking at the traffic congestion in 59 cities throughout America, Los Angeles came in […]


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San Pedro Boy Says He Was Kidnapped To Get Away With Candy Theft

Does your child have a vivid imagination? First things first, squash that inclination before they turn out like the liner writers at JACK FM. Second, thank your gods, goddesses, and unaligned deities that they aren’t […]


(credit: California Highway Patrol)

Easter Bunny On Motorcycle Stopped On Southland Freeway For Failing To Wear A Helmet

SAN DIEGO ( — It’s not every day the California Highway Patrol has to make a traffic stop on the Easter Bunny. But that’s exactly what happened on one Southland highway early Saturday morning. Brian […]


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Meanwhile In Southern Calfornia: Bears Break Into Monrovia Home, Eat Chinese Food

Hey Boo Boo. Pass the soy sauce. Two brown bears barged their way into a Monrovia home yesterday after they sniffed out some homemade Chinese food. None of that prepackaged, MSG-laden nonsense. After he heard […]



Disabled Man Awarded $8K From Disneyland For Being Stuck On ‘It’s A Small World’

ANAHEIM ( — A disabled man was awarded $8,000 from Disneyland in a federal lawsuit after he became stuck for 30 minutes on the “It’s A Small World” ride. U.S. District Judge James Selna ruled […]


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Now You Know: It’s Illegal To Aim A Laser Pointer At An Aircraft

Laser pointers are evil, folks. That’s what our 8th grade math teacher told Bobby before he got detention for burning Susie’s cornea. That’s what our cat thinks when she chases it around the house like […]


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Yorba Linda Man Tries To Sell Fake Viagra On Craigslist

Need a little “pep” in your, ummm, step? Don’t take to a public forum like Craigslist to purchase illegal drugs sans a prescription. First of all, it’s dumb; you never know what those drugs are […]


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Meanwhile In Southern California: Morons Steal Veterans Plaques In East LA

You are some thievin’ idiots, Los Angeles. Apparently, some of you, we aren’t going to say who, because you know who you are, decided it would be awesome to steal plaques from a Veteran’s memorial […]