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LA Health Officials Take Action After Local Supermarket Sells Raccoons As Food

TEMPLE CITY ( — The Health Department has taken action after a local supermarket’s frozen foods section featured an unusual item. Inspectors from the LA County Health Department visited the Metro Supermarket in Temple City […]



Science Proves Being Vegetarian Might Make Men Defective Baby Makers

By Nadia Noir Next time your wife tries to convince you that a vegetarian diet is healthier for your heart, whip out some sexy science on her. A vegetarian diet affect the quality of men’s […]


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Meat Rushmore Shows Iconic Sculpture Covered In Jerky

By Nadia Noir Some dudes with too much time on their hands have been jerking around and finally did something productive. In honor of National Jerky Day (today), Jack Link’s Beef Jerky (amazing name, we […]


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Marinating Meat In Beer Can Help Prevent Cancer, Bring Out The BBQS, Bro

By Nadia Noir BBQ season is perpetually on in Los Angeles, so boozing up and getting bent on something from the grill is a common concurrence. If you’ve ever doused your meat in a lager […]


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Burger Made With Meat That’s Not Really Meat But Is Totally Meat? What?

Juicy delicious burgers made from the corpse of cows might be a thing of the past. The sustainability of  meat and our environment has been questioned the last ten years as people have become simultaneously […]


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Barely Legal Nude Girl Gets Caught With Stolen Meat

A sexy 18-year-old girl caught with meat down her pants? Oh wait, she’s not wearing pants? Start the sultry beat in the background. Except this is real life and the teenage Elizabeth A. Hoen from […]


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Jacked Up News: Bacon/Pork Shortage Confirmed, Welcome To Doomsday

There are certain things in life that just have automatic power and wrath over you, and bacon is one of them. No matter how hard you try, your lust for bacon causes you to be a […]



Mail-Order Meat: Top 10 Meat Fixes We Are Going Postal For (Literally) On The 4th

Vegans beware! This post will have practically every red-blooded carnivorous American man salivating at his desk at work. With barbecue season in full swing and Independence Day coming up next Monday, we’ve decided to make […]


It’s Free Taco Day! Sound The Alarm!

Leave it to JACK FM to bring you the best in FREE STUFF. What’s on today’s menu? A FREE crunchy seasoned beef taco from Taco Bell. You may be asking yourself… “Hey, why would Taco […]