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Unlike Pluto or Your Mom, Jupiter is still considered a planet by most astronomers. (Photo by Lynette Cook/NASA/Getty Images)

Important Historical Events That Occured On February 13th

So, there are only two really important things that happened on this date in History, on this wonderful February 13th.  Wanna find out what they are?


Bill Clinton Also To Appear in Hangover 2

It seems as though the cameos in The Hangover 2 are getting out of hand. First it’s Mel Gibson, then it’s not Mel Gibson, then it’s Liam Neeson, then it’s Bill Clinton… Really? President Bill […]


Mel Gibson’s Hangover 2 Cameo Taken Away!

Recently we posted a story confirmed that crazyman Mel Gibson would be making a hilarious cameo in the Hangover sequel. Everything seemed all fine and dandy, but director Todd Phillips came out publicly to announce […]


Mel Gibson To Make Cameo In The Hangover 2

The Hangover was one of the funniest and most successful comedies of 2009. The film brought in over $400 million world-wide and also won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy). It […]


The Governator Plays Mel Gibson for the Fool

Our Governator may be tearing up at the California economy but he sure knows how to make the funny when it comes to snarking on the most detested man of the hour, Mel Gibson. Put […]


Style Tips For Tiger Woods’ Man-Beard

We posted a story earlier this week about Tiger Woods’ edgy new facial hair.  Right now the facial hair is edgy, but it has so much potential to be that much edgier. Check out the different […]