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Man Removed From Monkey Exhibit at Santa Ana Zoo, Believes He Is Tarzan

Tarzan has left the jungle and headed straight for the Santa Ana Zoo. Swinging from trees and covered in mud, monkey man John William Rodenborn decided to spend an afternoon with his primate friends-perched atop a waterfall in the black howler monkey exhibit.


(Photo by Marty Melville//AFP//Getty Images)

Drone Carrying Three Kilos Of Crystal Meth Crashes Near Mexican Border

By Jordy Altman Hmm wonder if Vince Gilligan is considering using this story for the second season of “Better Call Saul”. In a plot so juicy it could have been on the cutting room floor […]


(Photo by Tim Sloan//Getty Images)

#WTF: Woman Wearing “I Love Crystal Meth” T-Shirt Gets Arrested For Crystal Meth

By Jordy Altman It’s the wardrobe tweeking tweeted around the world. In Laurel County, Kent., a woman has been arrested on meth charges… while wearing a black t-shirt with the words, “I love crystal meth” […]


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Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy Pleads Not Guilty To DUI Meth Possession

Peter Murphy’s attorney entered the plea of not guilty in a Glendale, CA courtroom Tuesday (March 19). Murphy, former Bauhaus frontman and unofficial leader of the 80’s goth movement, was arrested Saturday (March 16) and […]



Man Gets Meth-Stuffed Teddy Bear As Valentine Gift

Well meth isn’t first on everyone’s valentine list, but we guess it can be arranged if that’s really what you want Brenda. It appears someone had some “romantic” ideas in mind for his valentine Lawrence […]


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Walmart Has The Lowest Prices On Meth! [Video]

Wal-Mart has always offered the lowest prices on all your methamphetamine needs… but there’s one thing that even the most loyal meth users gotta know – if  you wanna play, you gotta pay! One meth-head thought she […]