Mexico City

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Man Escapes Mexican Prison Dressed As Female

A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do, and in the case of Dwight Worker, he simply had to be a girl. His escape method required lipstick, a wig, and temporary breast […]


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Paul McCartney Performs Free Concert For 200k In Mexico City

Even with Paul McCartney‘s 70th birthday approaching next month the ex-Beatles bassist isn’t slowing down one bit. Sir Paul performed in front of 200,000 people at Mexico City’s historic central square, The Zolcalo, for the […]


Mexican Gangsters Attack Paul McCartney’s Tour Bus

It appears that legions of teenage girls aren’t the only thing that have attacked former Beatles member [lastfm]Paul McCartney[/lastfm], as the icon was recently attacked by Mexican Gangsters. Yes, your confusion is our paradise, keep […]