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Smugglers Attempt To Use Cannon To Launch Marijuana Across The Border

So, like, Yuma Arizona is totally an awesome place to live. Sure, there’s not much to do out there. It’s also super hot, and let’s face it, you’re living in Arizona. But check this out, […]


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Paul McCartney Performs Free Concert For 200k In Mexico City

Even with Paul McCartney‘s 70th birthday approaching next month the ex-Beatles bassist isn’t slowing down one bit. Sir Paul performed in front of 200,000 people at Mexico City’s historic central square, The Zolcalo, for the […]


U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Who’s Drugs? Nacho Drugs! $140,000 Of Methamphetamine Found In Cheese, Jalapenos

Looks like someone wanted their nachos extra spicy. At least that’s what border control agents discovered after stopping a man who tried to smuggle meth from Mexico to California. The suspect, a Mexican citizen who […]


Mexico Wins! (The World Record For The Biggest Enchilada)

And it’s about time! Here we were, sitting idly by, wishing, wanting, waiting for somebody to stand up and bring us the whole enchilada! Who was going to do it? We weren’t. You weren’t. It […]


Sir Paul McCartney Breaks Record By Selling Tickets to Mexicans

Can you sell 60,000 tickets in a matter of minutes? If you’re [lastfm]Paul McCartney[/lastfm] then the recently proven answer is a resounding, “yes” (or, si, in Spanish).  Ticketmaster Mexico claims the upcoming show at Mexico […]