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Naked Kentucky Man At Walmart Screams ‘I’m On Fire,’ Pours Milk All Over Himself: #Watch

By Nadia Noir Eat something spicy and your mouth is on fire? Drink some milk. Presumably do some “spicy” new drug and your whole body feels like it’s on fire? Sorry, milk won’t work for […]


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Meanwhile In Southern California: 18 Kids Hospitalized After Being Weird Crap In Milk

If you’re from our generation, how to eat fried worms was about as crazy as you got minus the odd booger or two. But some kids at a Audubon Elementary School in San Diego decided […]


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Jack’s Top 5 Post Workout Activities for Strong Muscles

We’ve been pumping iron for Jack’s Muscle Madness for about…one day now. And in that one day of heavy lifting and awkward straining faces, we’ve figured out some fun things to do post-workout. Get ready […]