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Traffic Jam

Traffic Jams – Jack FM’s Car-Mageddon Mix Tape

So you think you had a rough commute today, huh? [photogallerylink id=43165 align=left] Car-mageddon 2011: Expect hoards of traffic, frustrated drivers and thousands of blaring horns. It’ll be just like Monday Rush Hour traffic ─ on steroids. Around […]


Super 8, Gift Baskets, and Steven Spielberg’s Personal Mix Tape

Did everyone get a gift basket? Here at Jack FM, it’s a seldom yet special affair to be on the receiving end. No wait, that came out wrong. Here at Jack FM, we don’t get […]


Mother’s Day Mix Tape

The greatest gift on Mother’s day? Why, MUSICAL TIME TRAVEL, of course. No, we don’t mean you should record the first ten songs that play on the oldies station- that would be a terribly lazy […]