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Model Claims Eating Chicken Makes Kids Gay

What came first, the chicken or the completely convoluted theory on human sexuality based on chicken consumption? For Columbian model, Natalia Paris, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter to the famous Columbian is that, […]


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Top 5 Female Athletes Who Should Put Down The Ball And Become Models

It’s not fair. Most athletes already make a crap-load of money for playing games or P.E activities. On top of that, they gotta be hot too? Where’s our meal ticket? Well, the bright side is […]


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[Hot Chick And A Power Song] Alessandra Ambrosio

Hark! An angel! [photogallerylink id=42923 align=left] We know you’re not surfing the web while sitting in church (but if you are – nice!), but it’s time for you to spend quality time with the angels, […]