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$10 Bill Will Feature Portrait Of A Woman In 2020

LOS ANGELES ( — Jacob J. Lew, Secretary of the Treasury, on Wednesday announced that the $10 bill was undergoing a redesign. He also said that the bill would feature the image of a woman. “The […]


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$6 Billion In Unclaimed Money Held By State, Available To Millions Of Residents

LOS ANGELES ( — California says millions of people have lost track of money they forgot to collect and are entitled to be reunited with it. As much as $6 billion worth of unclaimed money and […]



Top 10 Most Hated Banks In America

By Nadia Noir  Money. We love it. We can’t get enough of it. And we don’t want to lose it. So, we store it in banks wherein the money is used to pay for someone […]



Spend This Saturday In Los Angeles Finding Fake Vaginas Full Of $10,000 [NSFW]

By Nadia Noir Some pick-up artist dudes in Los Angeles are going to put their money where their Fleshlight is. If that makes zero sense, well, just imagine a NC-17 take on the infamous Hidden […]


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Rolling Stones Are The Highest Grossing Live Act Of The Last 25 Years

By Nadia Noir In a day and age when artists can barely make money off their recorded work, the exorbitant amount a high-grossing musician make on tour is awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, and makes our picket-fence dreams […]


Imagine Dragons Rank No. 31 (Courtesy Interscope Records)

Breaking Down Music’s Top 40 Money Makers: The Richest, The Youngest, The Prog Rock-iest

It’s easy to forget that most of those songs that make you dance and cry and laugh and love are written by filthy rich, savvy business people.


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Kobe Bryant To Receive $24,363,044 From Lakers Today

CBS) How much was your most-recent paycheck? If it wasn’t approaching $25 million, then you’ve got nothing on Kobe Bryant. As part of his contract agreement, Bryant will receive a balloon payment of $24,363,044 today […]


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In True Wife Form, Sharon Osbourne Manipulated Ozzy With Money Threats

According to Sharon Osbourne‘s candid new autobiography, Unbreakable, the wife to Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, manipulated Ozzy to get his crap together during his 18-month relapse into drugs by threatening him with taking his […]


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Man Accidentally Becomes World’s First Quadrillionaire

Have you ever woken, checked our bank account with dread, and then seen way more than you imagined would be in there? You either a) spend on this surprising amount, hopeful that’s it’s somehow real […]


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Coldplay Represents Rock On Forbes’ 2013 ‘Most Powerful Musicians’ List

While the list of musicians is packed with pop stars, classic rockers and R&B heroines, Chris Martin and the band Coldplay represent rock in the No. 9 slot.