(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

West Hollywood Motorcyclist Gets Hit By Black BMW When He Tells The Driver To Stop Texting: Watch

By Nadia Noir  We have no words, but we’re also (sadly) not too shocked because, well, yelling at people who are illegally using their phones while driving is always trouble. Not that it’s excusable, but […]


Photo by Vince Bucci//Getty Images

Bikers Block Los Angeles Freeway For Amazing Marriage Proposal

If your little lady is into letting the breeze flow through her hair while riding your wild hog, she’s probably a keeper. So, how do you propose to her? A white leather jacket with your […]



School Bus Jumps 20 Motorcycles In 980 Nascar Busch Volunteer 500 Pre-Race

There’s only one explanation. Otto Man is real!



Man Updates Facebook Riding Backwards On Motorcycle… Like A Boss

WARNING: Do not try this at home. Wait, what are we talking about? DO NOT TRY THIS ON A MOTORCYCLE.


Mobility Scooter

Mobility Scooter With Suped Up Engine Reaches 70 MPH In Snow

Ever wanted to swipe your grandma’s scooter, swap in a motorcycle engine, and burn donuts in her parking lot? Well, this guy beat ya to it.


Band Wagon

[Playing What We Want] Bandwagon, The Metal Band On Wheels, Takes To The Streets

Hey, think they know [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]AC/DC[/lastfm]’s “Highway To Hell?” Heyo!



[JACKed Up Video] Motorcycle Man Knows How To Motorcycle, Man

We did not see that coming…


Boot Ride

Jack-tivity Of The Week: Boot Ride Along Sunset Boulevard On August 28th

Have that odd feeling in your boots again? Is your Harley begging to hit the open road? Ready to meet the stars of Sons of Anarchy? Well, we have just the thing! Join us at […]


Motorcycles Goes From CRASH To Coreographed Ballet

We were gonna make a joke about dancing hogs, but Kirstie Alley’s been through enough as is.


[JACK’s Tattoo Madness] And The Winner Is…

The event of the year unfolded before our very eyes… Among a room stacked to the ceiling with motorcycles, a melee of bodacious tattoos fought against one another as the final event of JACK’S TATTOO […]