NEW Foo Fighters Song/Video with LEMMY from MOTORHEAD

The Foo Fighters are officially back and this time, they mean business. The new Foo album, Wasting Light, is due in stores on April 12th and the video to the track, White Limo, features none […]


Ozzy Osbourne: Dude Wants to be a Lady

Dear Ozzy: Thank you for perpetually reminding us why pop provocateurs like [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] cannot outshine your endearing insanity. This insanity might be a product of a genetic mutation that granted you eternal life, putting the “nut” in health nut, or […]


Alice and Slash, Together on Stage

I like the sound of that, Alice and [lastfm]Slash[/lastfm]. Sounds like the name of a rock band. Well for one night in Paris, and one song on stage, they were. What duet did the Hall […]