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Jurassic World Trailer: Watch it Here

It’s finally here! The trailer for Jurrasic World has been released. It’s┬áthe next film in the Jurrasic Park series that everyone has been waiting for. Stephen Spielberg is the executive producer of the film, and […]



THAAAAAAAAT’S right. The WOLFPACK is coming back. To a theatre near you this Memorial Day. And today, a first glimpse teaser trailer was released.


New Yogi the Bear Movie Takes Dark, Dark Turn

As you may have noticed, the new Yogi Bear (in 3-D no less), movie hits theatres this Friday, Dec. 17th. What I wasn’t aware of was the extremely dark and twisted direction they were taking […]


Mortal Kombat Trailer An E3 Tease?

A new Mortal Kombat movie trailer hit the web yesterday and it’s, well… it’s AWESOME. Bringing to life some of the most infamous MK characters like Reptile and Baraka, the movie is sure to be […]