(Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Watch a Muppets Parody of Naughty By Nature’s ‘Hip Hop Hooray’

By Ezra Marcus There’s nothing like a video compilation of classic Muppet antics to reveal the goofiness inherent in hip-hop’s soul. See for yourself in this video by Youtube user Mylo The Cat, which sets […]



FINALLY! The Muppets Reveal Official Trailer And Release Date

Have you heard about The Muppets Movie?


Hot Trailer Alert: The Muppets Take Jason Segel

The Muppets are back in a brand new movie and the trailer just hit the web!  This time they’re helping Jason Segel solve his relationship problems with his sweetheart. Kermit better bring the whole crew, […]


You Know That Drum Kit JACK FM is Giving Away?

I don’t care if you if you win this drum kit or not, you’re never gonna rock like this guy… (Drum kit pictured is NOT the actual drum kit to be given away) 


Dave Grohl To Replace Animal Of The Muppets

News surrounding the new Muppets film has been scarce. Jason Segel has kept details regarding the latest film of the franchise quiet for quite some time now. Come on, man! Muppets From Space hit the […]