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Big Country – “In A Big Country” [Music Video]

The 1980’s were a regretful time. Big, teased out hair that needed half an aerosol can (which has nearly destroyed the ozone), giant, neon animal print parachute pants, Howard the Duck, or whatever it may […]


MONICA M. DAVEY / AFP / Getty Images

Semisonic – “Closing Time” [Lyrics + Music Video]

We have all been there- you’re at your favorite bar, it’s last call, and you don’t what to go home to an empty bed. And then bam! “Closing Time.” Since we’re so frequently asked about […]



The Vapors – “Turning Japanese” [Lyrics + Music Video]

The world of music has a wide range of topics in which to draw inspiration; whether it be political oppression, young love, or just a boy named Sue, music always has something to say. But […]


Adam Ant Strip

Adam Ant – “Strip” LIVE 1984

Hello Tami!!!! A man was singing definitely an 80’s song.  I heard last Friday morning. “Another Brick In The Wall” by Pink Floyd played right after. The lyrics? “If I Strip For You Will You Strip […]


Cranberries Zombie

The Cranberries – “Zombie” [Lyrics + Music Video]

Tami, Jack It was a female on vocals I heard last Monday at noon. Paul McCartney “Baby I’m Amazed” played after. The lyrics that I heard where ”In You’re Head, In You’re Head Their Still Fighting” I heard it while in […]


Adam Ant Goody Two Shoes

Adam Ant – “Goody Two Shoes” [Lyrics + Music Video]

Hey Tami H.- It was a guy signing I heard last Sunday morning. Journey played right before. The lyrics? “Rooty Toot Toot, You don’t Smoke You Don’t Drink”. I heard it while on my morning jog. -Bob


Peter Frampton Show Me The Way

Peter Frampton – “Show Me The Way” [Lyrics + Music Video]

Hi Tami – It was a male voice I heard last Wednesday morning. ”The Ghost In You” by The Psychedelic Furs played right after. The lyrics? “I wonder how your feeling” I heard it while stuck in […]



Incubus – “Drive” [Lyrics + Music Video]

Hi Tami and Jack FM – It was a male voice I heard it on a Wednesday night. Santana played right before. The lyrics? “Whatever Will…” I heard it on my way home. -Cynthia


Berlin Sex I'm A Man

Berlin “Sex (I’m A)” – Music Video And Lyrics

Hello Tami and Jack FM – It was a woman’s voice I heard it Sunday around midnight. The lyrics I heard where ”Feel My Love Inside You It’s So Right”.  “Cold As Ice” by Foreigner was on […]


Tesla Coils

“Sweet Home Alabama” Meets Lightning As Two GIANT Tesla Coils Make Music

If you think you’ve seen all the Tesla Coils playing your favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd song videos before… think again!