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Missing Giant Green Pig, Sham Hock, Stolen Before St. Patrick’s Day Parade

VENTURA ( — Sham Hock, the giant inflatable green pig that had been a constant presence at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Ventura, is missing. No blarney here. Officials believe Sham Hock was stolen. Who took […]



Does Bob Dylan Know Where His Most Famous Guitar Is?

At the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, Bob Dylan “went electric,” as his three-song set has since been famously dubbed. It was a turning point – the moment where he publicly shifted from acoustic folk activist […]



Deaf Cat “Falls” From 19 Story High-Rise, Lives [CSI: JACK FM]

We don’t consider ourselves cat people, but any cat that can plunge 19 floors, bounce 200 ft up and still live is a total BADASS. Sugar the Cat was just a white blur as she […]


The Sticker Pimps Build A Fort

Yesterday, we unveiled the conundrum that was the Mystery Mail Order. So many boxes… What to do? We asked for your votes, and now we’re ready! Ladies and gentlemen – a gaint fort built out of […]