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JACK FM Is Going To Mars & So Can You

By Nadia Noir We’re disappointed, too. There’s no flying cars and we haven’t sent kittens to Mars yet, but apparently, you can tag up Mars, or claim Mars, or just let Martians know about your existence […]


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NASA Detects Several Earth Like Alien Planets In Galaxy

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s aliens! Jack FM would like to go ahead and introduce you to your new neighbors via this article. There’s earthlings, and then there’s Jacklings, but […]


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NASA Releases Video For December 22nd On Why The World Didn’t End On December 21st–Wait, What?!

We love you NASA. You are our nerdy, space-loving homies. We don’t know how you survive on dry strawberry ice cream and no hot chicks up in space, but we know you do it for […]


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Life On Mercury; Not A Sequel To That David Bowie Song But An Actual Possibility

Remember back in the day when people would look strangely at you for believing there could possibly be life “on other planets?” It was just a science fiction dream that was scoffed at, but as […]


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Meanwhile In Mars: ‘The Seven Minutes Of Terror’ Rover Landing

As the great Andre 3000 once said, real guys go for real down to Mars girls. Take a breather from your Range Rover for a day, and explore possible life on our planet alter ego, […]


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Free Online Course Offered For Extraterrestrial Search

Look no further space cases, alien hunting just became a whole lot easier, in Scotland at least. No need to cover your whole body in aluminum foil either. Say hello to our friend ET for […]



Annular Solar Eclipse To Occur Sunday

As Johnny Cash once preached, we might just fall into a burnin’ ring of fire. This Sunday morning will be on fire. No literally, the sun is turning into a ring of fire, due to […]


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[December 6th] This Day In History

A monument is erected… The 13th Amendment is ratified… An MGS GPS discovery…


NASA Bloopers

NASA Has A Blooper Reel?! Astronaut’s Falling Down On The Moon

They saw you gotta be a genius to work for NASA. Ha! Don’t you mean a genius NERD WHO FALLS DOWN A LOT?! Boom, roasted.


NOEL CELIS / AFP / Getty Images

NASA Warns Of Falling Satellite, Doesn’t Know Where It Will Land

What gives NASA the right to play Battleship with the USA? “Uh yeah… we’re pretty sure the UARS satellite will fall in California… or possibly in Nebraska. Maybe. What we can assure you is that […]




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