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New Orleans Celebrates Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday [PHOTOS]

See photos of the celebration!



Jacked Up News: Cuba Gooding Jr. Wanted For Misdemeanor Battery

The days of the harmless kid who fixed radios religiously are long gone. HuffingtonPost reports that Cuba Gooding Jr. shoved a bartender at The Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street, in New Orleans. New Orleans […]



Nicolas Cage Does John Cage’s Famous 4’33”

Adam Lucas cuts Nick Cage’s best films together to form a brilliant piece of poetry. Are you familiar with John Cage? Well, you will be after this. Watch to believe.



Jack FM Playlist For Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, And New Orleans

Whether your swingin’, truckin’, or choogin’ for Mardi Gras, the Crescent City will thrill your soul.


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7 Things to Throw On Mardi Gras Instead Of Beads

Mardi Gras… everyone’s favorite holiday. We throw cheap necklaces for a free show, and we eat a cake with a baby in it. Who could ask for anything more?


AFI Associates Honors Arquette Family With Award - Event

10 Worst Performances Of The National Anthem…Ever

It has to be a singers dream come true to be asked to sing the National Anthem. To their management – it must seem like a great idea. How else would you explain why so […]


New Orleans Newscaster Gets To The Point…Of Penis

Penis talk can happen anywhere.  On a boat, on the bus and even on your local nightly news broadcast.  Just ask WNGO 26 news broadcaster Michael Hill.  He stopped to ask the most important question […]


Crazy Nicolas Cage Buys A Crazy Pyramid

Is actor Nicolas Cage possessed by the soul of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, or is this just a case of plain old Hollywood crazy? The tax-troubled, 46-year-old actor recently bought himself a pyramid to be buried in. […]