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Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Week 2 Picks-n-Giggles

I told you explicitly last week, do not take any of my picks as the gospel. Picking against the spread is a science and I went to public school in the Deep South. And unsurprisingly […]

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Dr. Cranfill’s Investment Strategies Week 8

Ugh. That’s the only PG word that describes how I feel about last weeks picks and games. Let’s see just how bad I was and then take a look at this weeks games in this, […]


Dr. Cranfill NFL Investment Strategies Week 3

Photo Credit/Jerky Altman Man that picture is creepy. (shudder) So? How’d Cranfill do in Week 2 of the NFL Season? Winner winner chicken dinner or is it Ramen Noodles time in the Cranfill compound? Let’s find out and […]


Oakland Raiders Owner Al Davis Gives Press Conference

Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis, pictured above, held a press-conference yesterday to announce the promotion of Offensive Co-Ordinator Hue Jackson to head coach…


Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Odds and Investment Strategies Week 5

  If you were to have followed Dr. Cranfill’s instructions last week, a $100 wager would’ve netted you 500 bucks. True story. What does Dr. Cranfill’s crystal balls for see for Week 5 in the NFL? Only one way […]


Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Investment Strategies Week 2

  How did Dr. Cranfill do with picking against the spreads in Week 1? What does Cranfill think is in store for Week 2? And more importantly, what is the over/under on number of beers Cranfill plans […]


Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Investment Strategies Week 1

  Hallelujah, hallelujah, PRAISE JEEBUS!!! NFL FOOTBALL SEASON is here friends!! Time to hold down the couch all day Sunday and gamble recklessly. That is where Dr. Cranfill comes in…Check out his picks for NFL […]