NFL Investment Strategies


Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Week 10 Picks-n-Giggles

If you thought the Halifax explosion of 1917 was a disaster it pales in comparison to me picking games against the spread this year. Just awful. But just like Tori Spelling, I don’t know how […]

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Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Investment Strategies Week 9

Photo credit: Sasha Herf FINALLY!!! A non-losing week last week. 2-2 yeah, but at least I wasn’t a loser….in my picks. My life? A totally different story. This week, I’m applying some science to this […]


Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Investment Strategies Week 2

(Photo credit: Sasha Herf) The stock markets entirely too volatile. The gold market is flooded and nobody is buying Beanie Babies. There’s only one sure-fire way to make money these days. And that’s by following Dr. […]


Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Conference Championship Weekend Predictions

Talk about coming up big last week!!!! Dr. Cranfill, that’s me, went 4-0 picking against the Vegas spreads in the Divisional round of the playoffs. 4-0. A $100 bet woulda won you a couple grand or so. […]


Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Odds and Investment Strategies Week 3

Gambling is for rubes. Investment Strategies? Now that’s for smart people. Check out Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Investment Strategies for Week 3 of the NFL Season and let him explain what happened in week 2. Get […]