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Dr. Cranfills’ NFL Investment Strategies Week 13

Photo credit- Jerky Altman You remember when I was actually good at this? Yea…….me neither. Truth be told, I’ve dug myself into a nice-sized hole here. Pretty soon I’m gonna be putting lotion on its […]


Photo Art: Sasha Huffenstuff

Dr. Cranfill’s Thanksgiving Day NFL Football Picks!!!

Well. 2-2 last week aint bad but it’s not much of a bull market either. This is Thanksgiving week and either way, we’re all winners but lets see if we can’t add copious amounts of […]


Dr. Cranfill’s Week 11 NFL Investment Strategies

Photo Credit- the Huff Cranfill is back with his NFL Week 11 pics after missing last week with dysentery. Raiders, Chargers, Bears, and Jaguars oh my!!!!


Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Investment Strategies Week 9

Photo credit: Sasha Herf FINALLY!!! A non-losing week last week. 2-2 yeah, but at least I wasn’t a loser….in my picks. My life? A totally different story. This week, I’m applying some science to this […]


Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Investment Strategies Week 7

Photo Credit/Sasha Huff So far the 2011 NFL Season has been harder to understand than Rick Perry at a GOP debate. Sorry Texas, your boy is a moron. The Bills are Raiders are good but […]


Dr. Cranfill NFL Investment Strategies Week 3

Photo Credit/Jerky Altman Man that picture is creepy. (shudder) So? How’d Cranfill do in Week 2 of the NFL Season? Winner winner chicken dinner or is it Ramen Noodles time in the Cranfill compound? Let’s find out and […]


Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Conference Championship Weekend Predictions

Talk about coming up big last week!!!! Dr. Cranfill, that’s me, went 4-0 picking against the Vegas spreads in the Divisional round of the playoffs. 4-0. A $100 bet woulda won you a couple grand or so. […]



The sweetest and most best NFL weekend is upon us people!!!! We have 4, count ’em FOUR awesome games to park ourselves in front of the TV and ogle. Now’s the time to put up […]


Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Odds and Investment Strategies Week 5

  If you were to have followed Dr. Cranfill’s instructions last week, a $100 wager would’ve netted you 500 bucks. True story. What does Dr. Cranfill’s crystal balls for see for Week 5 in the NFL? Only one way […]


Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Investment Strategies Week 2

  How did Dr. Cranfill do with picking against the spreads in Week 1? What does Cranfill think is in store for Week 2? And more importantly, what is the over/under on number of beers Cranfill plans […]