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Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Playoff’s Investment Strategies Week 1

Photo credite/Kinshasha Huff Well here we are at Round 1 of the NFL playoffs. This season has been nothing short of an abject disaster. Much like Pompeii…or Hiroshima…..or the last two seasons of Lost. But […]


Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Investment Strategies Week 2

  How did Dr. Cranfill do with picking against the spreads in Week 1? What does Cranfill think is in store for Week 2? And more importantly, what is the over/under on number of beers Cranfill plans […]


Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Investment Strategies Week 1

  Hallelujah, hallelujah, PRAISE JEEBUS!!! NFL FOOTBALL SEASON is here friends!! Time to hold down the couch all day Sunday and gamble recklessly. That is where Dr. Cranfill comes in…Check out his picks for NFL […]