Night Ranger

One of Seven: Specialty Drinks for Jack’s Fifth Show

Jack’s Fifth Show is upon us! It is nearly here! So why aren’t you celebrating with a six-pack? We here at Jack know that one good drink deserves another, so we have decided to share […]


Jack’s 5th Show Scary-oke: People Love to Screw Up Night Ranger’s ‘Sister Christian’

It’s just another night out at the karaoke bar. Girls are breaking eardrums attempting “I Will Always Love You” and booze is flowing. Dude friend shows up looking like the ultimate bro: team jersey, baseball cap, […]



We know you’ve been on the edge of your seat and unable to sleep anticipating who will be at Jack’s Fifth Show. Well no more waiting.  Find out who’s performing and all the details after […]


Jack’s Fifth Show Artist Spotlight: Night Ranger

[lastfm]Night Ranger[/lastfm] was one of the biggest rock bands of the ‘80s, touring with other big name acts like [lastfm]Judas Priest[/lastfm], [lastfm]Santana[/lastfm] and [lastfm]The Doobie Brothers[/lastfm]. Formed in 1981 by former [lastfm]Ozzy Osbourne[/lastfm] guitarist [lastfm]Brad […]


[OFFICIAL RULES] JACK FM / Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger

JACK FM / Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger OFFICIAL RULES