Ninja Fight

[JACKed Up Video] Do You Dare Fight The Ninja???

A sign, a sword, a ninja, and a set of gonads. DO YOU DARE FIGHT THE NINJA?


[Video] The Coolest Guy In The World Strikes Again

Usually when someone tells you they’re the coolest guy in the world, they try to prove it by opening a beer bottle with their armpit, or by chugging a liter of cola in 20 seconds. […]


The Worlds Most Talented Man?

Kobe? Clapton? Steve Jobs? That Dos Equis guy? Yeah, they all have talent but none of them, not even the Black Mamba on his best day, has talent like this guy..


Brandon Flowers Gets Bound and Beaten in the ‘Crossfire’

When making music videos, what do hot moody rock stars like [lastfm]Brandon Flowers [/lastfm] favor other than violence, bondage and ninjas? Anticipation is the best foreplay so you are going to have to click more if […]