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Classic Ads Of The 1980’s

So we’re at our weekly JACK FM meeting trying to figure out how to get more of you excited about our Flashback Prom, which, by the way, is only a week away. The conversation went […]

93.1 Jack FM–05/02/2013

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All I Want For Christmas Is A Nintendo…Full Of Porn?!

Dear Santa, I know you are busy with lots of other kids, but I don’t want much. Just a BMX, Mommy and Daddy to stop fighting so much, and a Nintendo 3DS loaded up with […]


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You’re a JACKA$H Winner? Don’t Be Like Mike

Oh, Mike Tyson. You won’t get any of our JACK CASH.  You were once the most feared boxer in the world. You earned more than $400 million during your career. You married Robin Givens. You […]


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[JACKtivity of the Week] 25th Anniversary Symphony Featuring THE LEGEND OF ZELDA In Hollywood

The Hero of Time has returned… to Hollywood! If you’re a Nintendo fan, you’ve probably spent a couple hours playing as a little man in a green cap. Whether you rocked the Dark World it […]


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Old School Arcade Games Remain Best Purchases For Your Smart Phone

[photogallerylink id=48511 align=left] See, it’s a smart phone ‘cuz we’re playing video games fer free! Think of all them quarters we’d be wasting away at an arcade. Now we can play Pac-Man without having to […]


New Nintendo Console? Wii U And Crazy Super Mario Music

People are pretty excited with yesterday’s announcement from Nintendo revealing a follow-up to their popular Wii console – they’re calling it the Wii U. What makes the new Nintendo Wii U such a crazy console is […]


[Man Cave] Essential PS3 Games

The Man Cave just keeps pushing the limits. With all sorts of fancy gizmos and gadgets being given away it was a no brainer to include Sony’s powerhouse gaming console the Playstation 3.


Top 10 Video Games….OF ALL TIME

JACK FM’s MAN CAVE includes an XBox, a Playstation 3, AND, (yes and) AND a Nintendo Wii. So to celebrate the illustrious gaming some lucky JACK FM listener is about to be indulging in, I decided […]


[Man Cave] Essential Wii Games

As you’ve seen, the Man Cave is chock-full of gadgets and pleasantries. Not only do we have a giant TV with surround sound, but we’re also throwing in the top-of-the-line video game systems to blow […]


VIDEO: The Guitar That Sounded Like Old Video Games

Once upon a time there was kid named Mike Davenport who built a guitar from an arcade machine that sounded just like old school 8-bit video games.  No information on how he actually did it, […]



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