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Beer Traffic to Be Rerouted to Beer Pipeline In Sleepy Belgian Town

By Jordy Altman HOV Lane? Dude, try the HOPS Lane. The sleepy town of Belgium, Venice wants less traffic and more beer. Los Angeles – are you listening? This week, the city has approved construction […]


"The Loved Ones" (Courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

Top 10 Underrated Horror Films For Halloween

When it’s time for scary movie night during the spooky month of October leading up to Halloween, take a look at our list of 10 of them that don’t suck even a little bit.


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In Honor Of R-October, We Give You The Pumpkin Dance!

True, it’s about seven hundred thousand degrees in Los Angeles right now, but guess what? It’s actually fall, folks! October is one of our favorite months because we get to dress like the freaks we […]



Wanna Win Tickets To SoCal’s Scariest Haunted Houses?

Let your inner freaky get a ‘lil spooky. Let’s all admit that October is the greatest time of the year. What other month do we get to indulge in candy, costumes, and craft beer? Or […]


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There’s September In Our Oktoberfest! There’s October In Our Septemberfest!

[photogallerylink id=48307 align=left] How is it Oktober in Germany but still September in California? Somebody get Doc Brown on the phone! Living in the great Melting Pot simply known as the U.S.A., we Americans have the […]


BK Simpsons Toys Treehouse of Horror

[Playing What We Want] Burger King Revisits Simpson’s Treehouse Of Horror

We prefer our Whopper with a plastic Kang and Kodos. The Simpsons 22nd annual Treehouse of Horror episode airs October 30th. While Burger King honors our favorite nuclear family with collectible kid’s meal toys, we […]