Meet Sticker Pimp Ozzy

Super Power: Ability to eat Subway, all day, EVERYDAY.


(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Is Black Sabbath Reuniting? The Original Four Members To Issue A Special Announcement This Week

Mark your calendars: November 11th at 11:11 AM. By the time 11/11/11@11:11 has its anniversary twelve hours later, the world will hopefully be a better, much louder place. What’s the big deal, you ask? Just […]


Is Ozzy Working On New Episodes Of The Osbournes?

Remember a time when we could turn on a television and, rather than be overrun with thousands of psuedo-famous families trying to seize our attention with stupid stunts, there were only The Osbournes? Those simple […]


Ozzy Osbourne’s Secret Immortality? Neanderthal Genes Of Course!

  It’s true. Everyone’s favorite rocker/reality star/immortal is recently being checked over by scientists as they map his special genetic structure. Why? It seems that Ozzy’s genome sequence is rare; he is inherently more likely […]


Do You Take Your Bride In ‘Unholy Matrimony’?

Why settle for the cliché “fairy tale” wedding with white doves, red roses and the god-awful DJ music we’re involuntarily subjected to and forced to line up and boogie to the “Cupid Shuffle” when you could be head […]