Pac Man

(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Play PAC-MAN on Google Maps Right Now!

by Sasha Huff We’re going to keep this short and sweet, which is what we really like to do when things like PAC-MAN end up on our computer screen for no apparent reason. This morning, […]


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Top 20 Things That Happened In 1980

Today’s Flasback ’80s Song of The Day in honor of  Jack FM’s Flashback Prom with A Flock Of Seagulls is “What I Like About You” by none other than The Romantics themselves. The song came out in 1980, […]


Pixilating People, or the Art of Automating Atari

Let’s see… got [lastfm]The Cult [/lastfm]playing in the background, a pitcher of Tang, some Twinkies… what are we missing to complete our 1985 Basement Hibernation Experience? Pac-Man, of course! Haven’t you been curious what he’s […]


3-D Pac-Man: Because Flat Stuff Is So ’80s

In what sounds like an effort to appeal to the undervalued Generation X stoner demographic, former CEO of Marvel Studios and now executive adviser for Namco Bandai Avi Arad wants to bring Pac-Man to television…in 3-D. […]


Pac-Man’s Daddy Reminisces About His Ghost Eating Pixel-Baby

What’s yellow, eats balls, and is occasionally terrorized by ghosts? No, it’s not the jaundiced crazy man down at the public park that chews stray tennis balls. It’s Pac-Man, the video game character who celebrated […]